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Our Services

We work to provide solutions for our client based on their needs. We will take a look at your assets, evaluate your situation, and offer what we believe to be the best solution for your situation. Our options include Auctions, Estate Sales, Consignments, Buy-Outs, and Clean-Outs.

Auction Services

We love auctions! Auctions are great because you are more likely to get rid of 100% of your assets. If you are wanting to liquidate all items in the home, business, or farm this is a great option for you. By conducting an estate auction 98%-100% of the personal property will be sold at the end of the day. Some of items will sell for far beyond our wildest dreams and some of the items will sell at discounted anticipated value. Everything will have sold for its fair market value that day. To hold an auction we must have room to have the auction. When you don't have the room or your homeowners association prevents you from having a live auction we can host an online auction from your location or move items to our auction house.

Estate Sale Services

For those who are not comfortable sending their items to auction, or who don't have the room to have an auction and don't want to move their items, we offer the option of an Estate Sale. At an estate sale the pricing is set by us based on research and our knowledge of market values. Keeping in mind that at an Estate Sale only 50%-70% of the items in the home will sell, we will have to determine what to do with all the unsold items. At the end of the sale you have the option to donate the items remaining in the home yourself, contract us to remove the items, or consign furniture and higher valued home goods, jewelry, and collectibles to an online auction.

Consignment Services

Not everyone has the ability to have an auction or an estate sale at their location. Maybe they don't have enough items for either. In that case we have the option to consign items. Items can then be sold at our auction house through a live auction or through an online auction by moving items to the auction house or photographing them at your location. We currently have a heated and cooled 4000 sqft auction house on Forbes Field in Topeka, KS, where we accept consignments on a weekly basis. Keep in mind we will not accept junk or trash and items must meet certain requirements and standards. You can't bring items to us? No problem, we can pick them up from your location and move them to the auction house.